Pop-Up Restaurant in August

Once again, due to popular demand, we will be setting up our world famous pop-up restaurant at the farm with renowned chef Jack Barnett.  Through out August we will be open for Sunday lunches so please book early to avoid disapointment.  Our catchy motto is grown on the farm, made on the farm, cooked on the farm.

Places are limited as we set up in a gazebo on the lawn by the farm house so please call Simon on 07968 148 896 if you are interested. 




Great Clerkes Farm is a free-range poultry farm in North Essex.  Chickens, guinea fowl, geese, ducks and pheasant are all reared on the farm. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our websitre at checkout in some browsers.  Please call us with your order if you have any trouble. Simon 07968 148 896.  Clare 07801 132 334.


Summer 2016

All our poultry is brought onto the farm as day old chicks and we try to get them outside as soon as possible if the weather permits it. The geese, which are pretty hardy, start going outside in the meadows when they are 3 or 4 days old if there is no sign of rain and it is warm enough for them. The Christmas geese are now about 6 weeks old, the Christmas turkeys are 4 weeks old and the ducks, chickens and guinea-fowl have not yet hatched but are very close. We greatly enjoy looking after our birds but it does have its problems when they are all free-range. Last week we had a visit from Mr Fox who was able to use his guile and cunning to gain access to the unsuspecting creatures by jumping a fence and taking a few home for tea. We are not that keen on foxes round here at the minute.
With regards to the arable side of the farm we have cut the oil seed rape and the wheat so are just waiting on the spring barley and beans to be ready before we start all over again for next year.


Homemade Pickles and Chutneys

We are now making our own delicious range of pickles and chutneys. Made from locally grown vegetables and developed by our head farm chef Jack. A delightful accompaniment to your Christmas leftovers and a good way to liven up any selection of cold meats


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