Christmas 2016

As soon as harvest has been completed our thoughts here turn towrads Christmas and the wonderful food we will be supplying during this period. To our range of geese, chickens, ducks, guniea-fowl and homemade produce, we have added this year a few turkeys as well, numbers are limited, however, so please order early if you want one. All our world famous birds are available from the beginning of November onwards so please contact us if you want early delivery.



Great Clerkes Farm is a free-range poultry farm in North Essex.  Chickens, guinea fowl, geese, ducks, turkeys and pheasant are all reared on the farm, as well making a selection of delicious homemade treats. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our websitre at checkout in some browsers.  Please call us with your order if you have any trouble. Simon 07968 148 896.  Clare 07801 132 334.


What's Happening

The summer is very busy period for us at Great Clerkes Farm - all our birds for Christmas arrive as day old chicks during this time, the harvest needs gathering and the ground prepared for next years crops, maintenance jobs get done whilst the sun is shining, the garden needs to be controlled and this summer we also found the time to open an amazing farm restaurant with all the ingredients grown by us here. All this must get done whilst also performing the two main tasks of any farmer - chewing straw and leaning on gates.


Our Birds

We have available now or for Christmas our delicious:

Geese, Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Guinea fowl.

As well as homemade pickles & chutney, which taste wonderful with our smoked goose, we make a selection of ready meals and suasages and burgers

Collection from the farm: Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd December between 8am and 4pm.       Nationwide Christmas Deliveries: Thursday 22nd December

Early and late deliveries are available so please contact us for details


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Now taking Christmas orders for 2016